Choosing a College Major

Hi, my name is Kevin Bruey and I am a professional designer. I attended the School of Advertising Art and began a career in graphic design in 2004. Over the past decade my career has brought me to various places around the world including Africa, Europe, and parts of America. Currently, I spend my days as a UI / UX and visual designer for a e-commerce firm.

Finding a college major can be difficult. Very few people know exactly what they want to study. A few lucky ones know exactly what they want to do. For everyone else, finding a college major can be a very tough decision. But it does not have to be. The truth is, you are actually looking for a career, not a major. To be successful and happy in a career you must have passion for it. The world is constantly changing and producing new careers every year. How do you navagatethe job market when everything is changing so quickly? The key is to know what your passion is.
How does one find their true passion in life? True passion stems from the things that you enjoy doing. If you ask 10 people off of the street what they enjoy, you would be surprised to find that most do not know! The first thing to do is to make a list of exactly what you enjoy. Write down what do you like to do. What are the topics that interest you? Are there certain things you like to research on the Internet? Is there a certain hobby that you love to do? It doesn’t matter if it’s video games, playing music, or painting pictures. Just go make a list of them. By doing this you create a map of your interests.
Now after you have your list of things you enjoyed, it’s time to get proactive. Get online and find people in your community that are making a living doing what you like. The next step is to go talk to these people. Set up a meeting with them and explain to them that you’re are looking for a career. If you really enjoy baking cakes, set up a meeting with the local baker and interview them about how they got where they are. Ask them what schools they went to. Ask them how they learned their skills. And most importantly ask if they enjoy what they do.
After finding a few working professionals, ask them to job shadow or better yet ask for an internship. Volinteering is a great idea too! Give your time to a business or an organization where you think you would like to be. If you would like to become a doctor, call your local hospitals and ask if there is away you can help. Just being in the business and interacting with the people will help you understand what you really want to do.
Doing this footwork is extremely important. It will give you the best research you can get into finding what you are truly interested in. Get out of your comfort zone, throw yourself into a new environment where you can see what’s really going on in the field of your interest. Its all about walking in other peoples shoes and seeing if they are comfortable to you. So get out into the real world and experience life. Once you do this, finding the right college major is easy.

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