Choosing Forgiveness Over Anger

It is possible that forgiveness is more important than love in a healthy romantic relationship. This is because, in a sense, forgiveness is the same thing as love. Being able to not only overlook an action of someone who has wronged or hurt you, but to forgive it is a huge step in a relationship and can make or break the relationship.

The act of forgiveness is a choice. When you are hurt by something your partner has done, you have the choice to forgive them or to hold on to your anger and hurt your relationship further. It may surprise you, but forgiveness strengthens and deepens a relationship like nothing else can. It is an action that shows the depth of your love for that person; that no matter what they say or do to you, you choose to forgive and love them regardless.

Forgiveness is about you choosing to let go of the pain and hurt you have experienced. It is not necessarily about your partner’s perception of the situation. You can fully forgive someone without them forgiving you or without them even thinking they did something that hurt you. Holding on to anger and unforgiveness will only hurt you in the end.

Forgiveness is offering grace to your partner. Acknowledge that what they have done has hurt you, but your love for your partner is stronger than anything they could say or do to hurt you. An important thing about forgiveness is that forgiveness and forgetting go hand-in-hand. When you say you forgive your partner that means you have chosen to erase what they’ve done to you forever. You will not bring it up at a later time when you are upset with them, because forgiveness means you have forgotten it ever happened. Yes, it is a hard thing to do, but love can be a difficult thing sometimes.

Having a relationship that offers grace and forgiveness to your partner is a foundation for a healthy and thriving relationship. Forgive, forget, and love your partner and your relationship will be stronger every day.

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