Choosing the Right Eye Shadow Color

Don’t match your eye shadow to your eye color, enhance your eye color by wearing the right eye shadow colors. It sounds counter-intuitive, but matching your eye shadow to your eye color will only end up letting your peepers go unnoticed.
Ever notice how that outdated blue eyeliner looks really terrible on girls with blue eyes? That’s because there’s no contrast. Read on for how to use contrasting colors to bring out the best in your eyes.
• Brown
Forget what we said at the beginning of this article about the color blue. Brown-eyes beauties can wear any shade of blue, from inky and rich to watery and pastel, without blinking an eye. Sweep on a shimmery turquoise or line your eyes with a navy pencil. But take it easy on the light blue eyeliner – that look went out in the 80s!
• Blue
As a contrast to the brown-eyes lovelies among us, blue-eyed ladies should gravitate towards bronze, brown, gold-tones, even rusty or burgundy shades. Often, blue-eyed women are fair-skinned and light-haired. If you’re a blue-eyed blonde, you probably already know that applying eye makeup with a heavy hand can look garish. Use a lighter touch and lighter colors to subtly enhance your eyes.
• Hazel
Plum, aubergine, red grape…getting hungry? Us too. But what we’re actually describing is the perfect group of colors for hazel-eyed women. Purples and plums will beautifully bring out the green and brown shades in hazel-eyed ladies. Hazel-eyed women can really play up the shimmer and glimmer in some make-up formulas as well. Just remember to use it sparingly for work or school.
• Green
Clear green eyes can handle being warmed up. Go for warm undertones in your neutrals, such as a gold beige or feathery taupe. But like your blue-eyed sisters, avoid any heavy black eyeliner or super dark shadow if you’re a blonde. The green-eyed brunettes can feel free to ignore this guideline and pile on the rich, bronze colors.

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