Choosing the Right Foundation

If you’ve never worn foundation or concealer before, choosing the right one an be intimidating. Whether you choose an option from the drugstore or the department store, there are so many types and options, that I am sure a makeup novice would not know where to start; liquid or mineral foundation? Should I go for full coverage, or more of a cream? And what about tinted moisturizer? And these are only some of the questions that I can think of. To help make your foundation decision a little easier, here is a guide for which type of foundation.
• If you have dry skin: if you have dry skin, it is important to use a foundation packed with moisture. Choose a lighter foundation (try to steer clear of powders); something with either a lighter finish or a cream. If you have dry skin but tend to breakout, I would suggest choosing an oil free tinted moisturizer, or a foundation that does not have SPF, as I have found that foundations that do have SPF tend to break my skin out. To cover acne, choose a good, concentrated concealer, and spot conceal on any blemishes after having applied a light, liquid foundation.
• If you have oily skin: when my skin was at its worst, mineral powder foundation tended to work best. That, or an oil-free, matte foundation that has medium to full coverage. Try to find a good mineral foundation, and use a short-handled style brush to apply. Start off with a small amount, and build until you reach your desired finish. In order to combat oil and shine throughout the day, use a foundation primer, and look into matte, translucent powders that you can carry with you in your handbag for quick touch-ups throughout the day.
• If you have combination skin: in my opinion, oil-free, medium coverage foundations work the best on combination skin (my skin type). I prefer liquid foundation, because I love the semi-glow-y finish it can provide. Apply one pump of medium coverage liquid foundation with a foundation brush, and then set with a translucent powder.

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