Choosing the Right Major

By Jeremy Credo

One of the biggest issues that comes to mind as a college student is whether or not the major you have selected is the right one for you. Think about college. This is the transitory period where you learn the
necessary skills and requirements for your future career. Because this is such an important period,
students should make appropriate career choices in a field of their interest of skills, as this is an investment for their future. Of course there are students that aren’t looking to the future and simply looking for the simplest way to earn a degree. However, this path choice might not help them substantially down the line if they obtain a degree that doesn’t fit their interest of skills. You are at a crossroad with no map or plan!

Selecting a specific course of study is what is going to separate you from the rest of the crowd; it will make an employer consider you as opposed to someone else. The biggest benefit from choosing a major is that rather than a vague pool of knowledge, you have more specified information and skills that pertain to that field. This makes you more desirable in the field that you choose. Would you allow a doctor who has a degree in linguistics treat you? How about a lawyer with only a fine arts degree? While it is not uncommon, to hear of individuals practicing or working outside their course of study, you will be more marketable for a career that you studied and prepared for.

In regards to selecting the major that is correct for you, the best advice I can give is to spend your first semesters in school to try a few different and interesting courses. It is best not to hastily select a major right from the start. Many universities have the option of allowing students to select elective classes. Additionally, there are numerous requirements necessary in order to attain a degree in your chosen field. Spending some time in attending seminars and lectures can possibly help you in choosing a career field that interests you.

College is an open experience; lots to see and do. But it is important to remember that your time in college is meant to be a transitory period, preparing you for what you are going to be doing in your future. While it is important to have a good time, it is also important to spend your time learning and training in order to put your best foot forward when it is time to take to the real world and find your place.

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