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Jesse Kyle Burke, born and raised in Huntington, NY moved to Phoenix, AZ his senior year of high school, yes, senior year. Jesse graduated from Arizona State University with a double major in Communications and Journalism. Being really involved with school athletics, Jesse covered and broadcasted the Sun Devil Football, Baseball and basketball team. Jesse is a problem solver, a people pleaser and comedic reliever. Jesse is a big fan of food and will try anything twice. A corny joke will get Jesse to laugh every time; to him it’s the little things that matter. Jesse is not afraid to share his thoughts and emotions and encourages others to do the same.

When choosing the right college, it needs to be made for the right reason. Even though there really is no “right” reason to go to a specific university or college, there is definitely more than one wrong reason to decide. Understand, just like all of you I don’t have all the answers and my suggestions are merely that, suggestions. I am here to shine some light on an angle you may have not thought of yet.
Coming into this part of your life most of you are on an emotional high as you are coming close to high school graduation and soon emergence into the “real world” there’s a feel of brotherhood that goes around the student body. If you think about it, every senior is on the same page, they are all preparing for the next chapter. Socially speaking, it’s likely you will end up at the same school as some of your high school buddies or acquaintances; however that shouldn’t be a determining factor. Just because your best friend is going to one college, that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the school for you. Similar to the “next chapter” reference, college is a great chance/opportunity to meet new people, and welcome new characters into your story. Just because you make new friends, your old friends don’t get left behind, if anything it strengthens the bond knowing you have categories such as “your friends back home” and your “buddies up at school.” From a person who moved across the country his senior year of high school, my parents left me with this; “make new friends and keep the old, some are silver and the others are gold.”
Financially speaking, you are going into college broke and more than likely coming out of it more than broke, with interest. We all have that dream school; however dreams are expensive, so snooze lightly. I am not here to crush such dreams but just know the better the school, the bigger the dollar, if no one has set you straight with that, my pleasure. Unless you are getting a full ride athletically or on an academic scholarship, finances needs to be a factor in the decision making. Besides the political jargon that divides in-state and out of state tuition, it’s this simple; in-state tuition is half the cost as out-of- state tuition, in other terms in-state is the way to go. If you truly want to spread your wings and leave your home state to attend school, (live in a new place, big fish little pond, get out of cold weather) I get it. Some viable options are and not limited to; going to a community college nearby to gain transfer credits and/or residency. Apply for any and all scholarships to offset tuition cost. This should be done in any school you go to, however work a part time job that fulfils any downtime. Like I said college is going to crush your wallet regardless, those little steps can ease some of the growing pains.
Ironically enough, it’s very important to do your homework before deciding your college. What I mean by that is do your research. If coming out of high school a math genius with goals of being a business finance major or maybe economics, don’t go to a school that is notorious for their art program. It would be similar to ordering a salad at a well accredited steak house, get in where you fit in. It’s important to understand that college is a means to an end; you maximize and capitalize on any opportunity that is made or presented to you. With that being said, find out and know how you can get involved in the direction of the career path or interest you have chosen.
As previously mentioned, I don’t have all the answers, nobody does. A big portion of the excitement that goes into this decision making is the uncharted territory. Ultimately the decision is going to be made internally for reasons and factors that only you will justify within. Even though there is no right or wrong reason to make any decision in life, hopefully while deciding where to go for college, the factors I mentioned throughout will be a new form of consideration for you. I am only here to help, as I too was on the same side of the fence as you at one point.

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