Floral design online courses

Sometimes it is hard to know before you start studying something if it is really what you want to do as a career. Of course, you don’t want to waste money by taking a long list of classes in different subjects just to figure out where your interests like. It might help you make a decision to read about the different classes you will take in floral design school and the specific topics you will study.

Introduction to Horticulture

In order to become familiarized with how to take care of flowers and plants, you might be instructed to take an introductory course to start off your studies. If you take an intro class about horticulture, you will be trained in areas such as the use and production of plants, as well as their development. The goal is for you to understand the practices and principles behind these topics. Class time may be devoted to understanding important issues such as what fertilizers and soils to use, how to manage pests, and how to use turf. You might also study plants’ classifications and learn about their structure, development, and growth. It will also be important for you to pay attention to various environmental influences on different flowers and plants. If you are lucky you will have an opportunity to explore different careers in the horticulture industry so that you can start thinking about what exactly you want to do after graduation.

Floral Design and Display

By necessity, in a floral design school you will take at least one class on how to design beautiful flower arrangements and create breathtaking displays. You may take one main class in this area, several different classes that each have a different focus, or two or three classes in succession that become more advanced as you move through them. You will start out by learning about basic techniques, including how to use tape and wires, how to construct corsages, and how to keep in mind design mechanics when building your displays. You might also learn about the history of floral design, as well as the state of the modern industry. You will study how to process and handle fresh flowers, and also be trained in the use of dried flowers and seasonal design. More advanced classes will build on this knowledge and discuss certain elements and principles in more detail. You might study more advanced principles of design as well as discuss a wider variety of cut flowers.

Tropical Plants

Some floral design schools take extra time to teach their students about particular aspects of floral design, such as by offering classes on specific groups of plants. For instance, if you take a class on tropical plants you will likely study how to identify the plants and flowers as well as how to use them in the household. You might also study the exotic plants that are typically carried in greenhouses and at botanical gardens and conservatories. You might get exposed briefly to interior design as you learn about how to use tropical flowers when decorating houses. You might also learn about unique plants such as dish gardens and bonsai trees.



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