Jeweler education


There is a long list of potential classes you could take in jewelry school. The exact classes you will be offered and the ones you should choose to take will depend on the type of degree you are seeking, the specific concentration of the program, and your ultimate career goals.

Color Design and Theory

If you want to design jewelry one day, you need to have a strong grasp on the different elements behind beautiful designs, including the principles of color. In a class of this type you will be introduced to the major aspects of artistic theory. You will most likely have the opportunity to practice critiquing visual representations by other artists. This will help you practice analyzing the use of color and the different components of design that other artists have employed.


Although if you enter a basic jewelry program you might only take one class on gemology, it is actually an entire field that is a subset of jewelry knowledge. Some people actually enter programs that are entirely based on gemology and after graduation move on to become gemologists. A comprehensive course on gems and precious stones will teach you about everything from their origin to their place in nature to their use in modern-day jewelry design. If you want to have a specialty in gemstones you should take this class, as instructors will train you in how to identify gems grown in labs as well as natural and imitation stones. You will also study the criteria for evaluating gems and the history behind the process. You might have a focus on a particular type of stone or study diamonds, pearls, and colored gems together.

History of Jewelry

To have a solid understanding of and appreciation for jewelry you need to study the history of the art form and the materials that go into the development of beautiful pieces. A comprehensive history course will teach you everything from primitive times to the present day, although you might also take a more focused class. Specifically, you will likely explore the historical significance, symbolic significance, and status of jewelry both as art and accessory. Hopefully by analyzing and synthesizing both historical and modern representations you will have a better context out of which to develop your own designs.

English Composition

You may or may not take a course such as English. It all depends on what type of degree you are earning. If you are only earning a certificate you will probably not take any course not directly related to jewelry making. However if you enroll in an associate’s of art degree program you might take not only English, but classes like math, history, and oral communication as well. These classes can help you be more successful in your professional life, regardless of the exact career path you choose. In English you will study how to conduct proper research, write carefully and accurately, and make appropriate revisions. You will learn how to ask insightful questions, write thought-provoking essays, and develop curiosity about the literary world.


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