Hookups in college

Having sexy classmates in college can be great. You can check them out in class, sit next to them, and get a little rush of excitement each time you see them. Plus, it sure makes class a lot more fun, and can be a great incentive to show up!
So, let’s say you are a female and you spot a handsome classmate. Then let’s also say he notices you too, and likes you back. So far, so good. Right?
He asks you out, and you go on a date. Then it happens- you hook up.
The next morning you both go separate ways. Time passes by through the day, and he doesn’t call or text, saying he had a nice time. Then, the next day nothing. No calls or texts.
This can be a total downer for a girl.
You know you are going to eventually see him in class. Let the awkward games begin.
If you are the girl and you didn’t get any calls, or texts following a post hook up, and you have to see the guy again at school, I say, play it cool in class. Sure, your feelings are probably totally hurt, you may wonder why he didn’t call, and you may be totally confused. You might want to cry or scream. Don’t.
Instead, relax and realize that he was in it for a different reason, and he’s not worth your time anymore. I suggest you focus on class, and try not to overanalyze things. He’s going to be a seat across from you, or down a row, or basically nearby, so rather than letting it distract you from class, address to yourself that he didn’t call, take a deep breath, and let it go.
Confronting him will probably get you no where, and if he wanted to talk to you, he would have made the effort.
That’s the problem with dating classmates. One night you’ve been intimate with a person, and a few days later you sit a few seats apart, sometimes ignoring each other like it never happened.
If you do decide to date a classmate, it can also workout and end in a relationship, but not every time. I suggest being straight up with your potential hookup before having sex so you can let him or her know what your intentions are. If the two of you are on the same page, there’s less likely confusion the next morning.
Either way, do what makes the most sense to you.

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