Clothes lending: Borrow with caution!

Ever walk into your best friend’s closet and feel like everything in life would be perfect if you could just…switch wardrobes?

Sometimes, no matter how many clothes we have, our wardrobe just doesn’t cut it. That shirt’s too tight, those pants make you look a little like a garden gnome on crack. And what about accessories!?

Fortunately, college campuses are designed in a way that gives females practically unlimited access to each other’s stock of fashion and beauty. Walk across the hallway and eureka! Right in front of you are 15 dresses that would solve all your problems in life.

But what many girls don’t realize is that borrowing things is a great way to ruin friendships. This doesn’t mean that you should never borrow anything. However, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind when browsing through others things.

The golden rule is, ALWAYS ASK. Even if she is your best friend in the whole world and you know she wont mind, at least send a quick text. There is nothing more irritating than finding the dress you planned to wear but couldn’t find on your roommate later that night.

Also, it’s critical to appraise the thing your borrowing. Never take something really valuable or brand new, even if it’s offered. What if you lose it, or tear it, or spill on it? Accidents happen. Think of how you’d feel to have something precious returned to YOU in that condition. A nice friend might say “its ok” but it’s not.

If you are prone to spilling like me, probably just don’t borrow anything. Ever. And likewise, make an effort to take care of borrowed things. If you are going out partying, it’s probably best to wear your own stuff that night.

Most important of all, remember to return it! Quickly! We are all forgetful but there is hardly a greater friend-fail than adopting borrowed items into your own wardrobe. Do this enough, and you will be black listed from borrowing forever.

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