Co-ed Fraternities

Yes they do exist. Co-ed fraternities is kind of code language for professional organizations. Meaning if you are studying business, there might be a co-ed business fraternity for you to join. If going traditional Greek holds no appeal for you, but you still want to be part of a great organization, a co-ed fraternity might be for you.
What the Options Are
First inform yourself what professions have fraternities on your campus. There should be a Greek council on campus that works with all Greek organizations. Once you know what is available, apply to the one that fits with your major.
The Difference Between Traditional and Co-Ed
There isn’t a big difference between traditional fraternities and sororities and that of co-ed ones. Yes it’s mixed gender instead of just male or female. Also since co-ed frats are usually associated with a profession, they tend to focus on that aspect more. However that does not mean they don’t have fun.
A co-ed frat will still assign little brother to a big brother (even women are called brothers in these organizations). There will still be paddles made and gifts exchanged and overall bonding experiences created. A co-ed frat will still set up big fun parties and have rush just like the traditional versions.
Above all else, a co-ed fraternity is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who have similar goals to yours. It is also a great place to build a network. After all, the people who chose this fraternity are studying the same thing you are. You really have the opportunity to talk with your brothers and get the inside gossip about your major. An example would be which professors to avoid, or how to deal with a complicated assignment. The upperclassmen in this fraternity will definitely have been there already. Also, the brothers that graduate before you can become valuable resources when it comes time for you to graduate and find a job in your chosen major.
Let’s also step away from the serious aspect of a co-ed fraternity and talk about the fun one. Instead of joining an all-female organization, you are joining one with men in it too. What a nice dating pool to look around in.
Discuss Obligations
Before joining any kind of Greek organization you have to discuss social and financial obligations. Make sure that you have the time and money to be a part of a co-ed fraternity. Also, you don’t have to join freshman year, you can join your sophomore and even your junior year as well.

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