College and time management

My name is Cecilia Abad, I am currently a history graduate student and graduate teaching assistant at Sam Houston State University in Texas. I’m a McNair Scholar as well as a member of Phi Alpha Theta. I have interned and volunteered at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum and Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. I also interned for DC Spotlight Newspaper where I covered a story on Human Rights and the White House.

The clock has struck 2:00 am, there are three empty cans of energy drink, coffee has replaced the blood in my veins, and there are empty fast food bags on my desk. I have just finished perusing through a four hundred page book. There is no time to waste, I need to start the book review that’s due that morning at 9:00 am. I think to myself, “I should have done this assignment two weeks earlier!” Frustrated, exhausted, and stressed, because I had procrastinated and pushed the assignment until the last minute. I had to own up to my decision and finish this paper. The price I paid for procrastination was a lower grade, no sleep, and a consumption of terrible food.

Pulling an all nighters, is something that every college student will probably go through at least once. An all nighter is an emotional night thoughts and emotions like doubt, courage, determination, stress, and panic are experienced in one night. On top of the emotional state you find yourself in you try to focus and finish your assignment. In short, the moral of the story is prioritize to avoid all nighters. In other words manage your time and don’t procrastinate.

Time management tips:

1) Utilize your planner. Take note of all your assignments and exams and their due dates. This will help you visualize the time you have to study and work on assignments.

2) You can have a to-do list, however, don’t stress over the length of it. To be more efficient and effective, focus on the task at hand, that’s it. That way you are able concentrate on the one task.

3) As my mentor advised me, “don’t work hard, work smart.” In other find the most efficient and effective way to study and finish your work.

4) Be sure to block out any distractions.

5) Do not bog down on details. Nothing will be perfect and that’s okay.

6) Learn to say no. Even if you are in a club, other extra-curricular activities, or friends. When you have work to get done be sure to do that first and say no I can’t right now.

7) Always get the most important assignments done first. This will also help you prioritize your time throughout your day.

8) Finally, try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. In order to retain new knowledge and be rejuvenated to tackle on a new day you should try to get your sleep.

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