College Bar Etiquette

As a college student, it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself in a bar from time to time. While most likely no one will yell “Norm!” when you enter the bar, there are definitely ways to make a bar “yours.” Below are a few tips on how to navigate the world of the college bar.

1) Battling The Bouncer – Most college bars have a bouncer…you know someone to half-heartedly eyeball all of the fake IDs. He’s one of you. Chat him up and find out if you have any common ground. For example do you share the same birthday? Do you both have that awful English class on Fridays? Make friends and you may find yourself with VIP status at your favorite bar. Also, if you’re at a bar where you don’t have VIP status, know your place. Wait in line like the rest of the students. Don’t be “that guy.”

2) Tip Your Bartender – Guaranteed you’re probably pulling together your pennies every weekend to go out, but don’t be stingy with your bartenders. A) If you’re ever in a crowded college bar and you can barely get any real estate at the counter to actually place an order, remember that the bartender has a choice of who to serve first. The kid that has bought 5 rounds and left a dollar tip is going to get served far slower than the one that tips a buck or two after each round. Also, have your cash in hand. It’s the best way to let the bartender know that you’re ready to do business.

3) DJ Dilettante – Now, girls are usually the worst offenders in this case, but don’t be a DJ hog. We know you have to hear a given song and dance with your girls, but A) Don’t ask the DJ to play it multiple times. B) Acknowledge that other people in the bar might have different taste than you and might not want to hear all of the songs from your iTunes cue.

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