College differences

Diversity is around you every single day. Something that people commonly forget is that diversity doesn’t just include the color of your skin or the country that you come from. It also means the way that you grew up, the experiences that you have had in the past, your religion and any other thing that makes you who you are. Everyone has the quirks and characteristics that are unique to them. No two people are alike and it is all thanks to diversity. Some people are athletic, some are artistic and some have a combination of both.
When you are in college, people of different diversities that you have never experienced before in your life are all around you. You have the opportunity to learn so much from people who are different from you and it is an opportunity that should be embraced.
Within all of the diversity you face, the best thing you can do is to be who you are and embrace everything that you have experience to make you who you are. Every little bit of who you are as a person is unique and that is the same for everyone you encounter. You have to be happy living in your own skin and you need to be happy for the people you meet.
Encourage the people around you to embrace the differences that you all have. Learn about each other’s culture and their lives before college. Diversities bring a variety of educational opportunities for people to learn by sharing their own backgrounds and experiences that make them who they are.
Within a college, you have students from various cities, states, and regions of the country or even the world. They all have something different to bring to the table and those are situations that will teach you more than you could imagine.

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