College Health Issues

Moving into cramped quarters like a college dorm or sorority house can expose you to a host of health issues. Also, college is full of experimentation and change and during this time, you have to guard your health careful. College is a challenging time and the last thing you need is to get sick. A few simple tips will get you through.

Close Quarter Living

Germs spread easily in close quarter living. Any small space that houses a lot of bodies is going to be a cold, flu, or other things, waiting to happen. To keep yourself healthy follow basic hygiene practices. When you walk into your dorm room, wash your hands. If you don’t have a sink in your room, just use hand sanitizer. If someone around you is sick, make sure that person is being considerate and covering her mouth when coughing or sneezing and throwing away used tissues. There is no need to go overboard because simple measures can really help prevent sickness.

Eat Right

What you put into your body really effects how you feel. If you are constantly eating junk food, you’ll start feeling really crappy. Getting in some fruit, vegetable, and lean protein into your diet is going to help your immune system stay strong and you’ll have more energy.

Sleep Enough

Maybe you are unlucky and ended up in the party dorm, or have a loud roommate, or your mind just can’t rest. Lack of sleep can really affect all aspects of your life; from concentration, to mood shifts, to all sorts of nasty things. If it’s noise that is an issue, get earplugs. If it’s your roommate, talk to her. Also try cutting caffeine and alcohol for a few days to see if that helps. If all that fails, go to your campus health center and talk to a professional to see what can be done.


There are going to be times in college when you question if you can pull this whole thing off. The workload, the financial responsibilities, and the fear that maybe you made a wrong choice. All these things can lead to an amount of stress you’ve never faced before. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world and your personal drive to succeed means that you will probably have some level of stress in your life. Now is a good time to learn how you should deal with it. Different techniques work for different people, but exercise, yoga, talking it through with someone who understands, and meditation can do wonders. Also, take time to evaluate your life. Is something stressing you out that you can actually cut out?

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