College Is A Time For Recreating Yourself

I wasn’t exactly your average beauty queen.

It’s not to say I was ugly. I just wasn’t all that into makeup. It took too long. Growing up my mom would occasionally buy me some colossal makeup kit with all the fixins–you know–the cheap stuff they make for middle schoolers who want to use it like crayons on their faces and have a ball. I may have done that once or twice. The 90s glitter fad was fun. They should bring back that glitter fad. But other than that, I found it more convenient to slap on lip gloss and go. I was religious about it: there was lip gloss in my purse, my backpack, the passenger seat glove compartment in my mom’s car, my wardrobe, perched by my bathroom sink, and I’m sure many more stashed inside couches, behind unreturned library books, and under the heaps of clothes that perpetually littered my floor.

High school saw few changes: I entered my goth phase, and it was glorious. With the exception of my very favorite pitch black eyeliner, I remained makeup free. In my mind, the point of being goth was to be moody and apathetic, and moody and apathetic people were required to keep their focus on the darker things of this world–definitely NOT on makeup.

But college saw a different side of me. I remember that first day, after my parents had left, sitting on the steps of my new dorm, calling them because I already missed them and needed to tell them EVERYTHING that was new and crazy and going on with me. “This is SO HARD guys,” I said. “It’s like suddenly I actually have to take everything you tried to teach me seriously! Will I sink, or will I swim? I don’t know!”

Luckily the initial panic passed, and I realized something amazing: NO ONE knew me at this school. No one knew the shy, moody girl who had hidden behind books for so long. What I had here was the opportunity to recreate myself. And that is EXACTLY where makeup began to play a more prominent role.

The cool thing about college is that you’re able to be…anything…and anyone…you want. So my advice to you is to go crazy with the makeup. Go for pastels when you’re feeling sunny, deep jewel tones when you’re feeling blue, and an occasional BRIGHT RED for that extra zing when you’re on top of the world. You’re your own person now! Own it–using all the creative means available.

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