College is a time to discover you

Brooke Chambers is a senior at Indiana University majoring in journalism through the Indiana University Media School with a concentration in psychology. She is originally from Columbus, Ohio and will always be a Buckeye fan at heart!

When I was in high school, I knew exactly who I was. I was a lacrosse player with a set group of best friends, a writer on the school newspaper and I knew all of the things I loved to do. After I graduated and began my transition into college, I thought my sense of self would never fade, and I would continue to do all of the things I loved the next four years of my life. The trouble was, once I got to college, I had no idea what I loved doing anymore and I lost the sense of who I was and the person I wanted to be.
I go to school at one of the largest universities in the United States, so finding my niche among the thousands of students was my first priority. I became close with everyone on my dorm floor and their choices began to influence who I started to transform into freshman year. I never was a girl who wanted to be in a sorority. In fact, I had been against going Greek my whole life. But every girl on my floor wanted to rush, so I decided I would rush too. I got into all the girly stuff and tried to put on my best smile to pretend I was enjoying the whole process, but I wasn’t. I actually hated the whole thing and I ended up dropping out halfway through.
My freshman year became tough for me after that, since all of my friends I had made were busy with their new fraternities and sororities and I still had not found the place I belonged. I couldn’t find anything, or anyone, I truly enjoyed and never felt like I fit in anywhere on campus. It wasn’t until my sophomore year I began to find myself again.
I decided to go back to my high school roots and join the club lacrosse team. I made a lot of friends, one of who was interested in snowboarding just like I was. We decided to join the IU Ski and Snowboard Club, and it was the decision that changed the rest of my time in college. After I discovered the ski club, I felt like I had found the group of friends I had been looking for all along. I became extremely involved in the club, going on the winter trips, joining the committee and eventually working my way up to VP of Marketing my senior year. I finally felt like I was a part of something, instead of feeling like I was scrambling around trying to find my way.
Joining the Ski Club was the first step of many in discovering myself. I still have no idea who I am or what I want to do when I’m older, and it’s a constant struggle I face every day. One day I want to be a magazine writer and the next I want to be an event planner. One day the Thai restaurant down the street is my favorite and the next I can’t decide if I like it anymore. I’m continually trying to find the things I like and don’t like, and college is the perfect time for discovering those things.
My closing advice to you is this: College is hard and it’s even harder because you won’t know who you are all four years, and maybe even after you graduate. But it’s also the perfect time to try new things, be stupid and learn from mistakes, change your religion to see what fits you. Whatever you have to do to discover who you are as a person, college is the perfect atmosphere and time to do it, because everyone around you is discovering who they are too.

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