What is college about

Hi! This is Surabhi. After finishing my pharmacy school in India and becoming a Pharmacist with a 3.96 GPA, I came to the U.S. for MS in Bioinformatics. I’m currently a student at San Diego State University and working on my research on Tuberculosis. I have worked a lot with International students at SDSU and enjoyed it a lot. I love meeting new people from all parts of the world and learning more about their culture.”

So, you are in college and all excited about the life ahead. People are suggesting you to make the right choices in your major, classes etc. as it is going to affect your career. What people won’t tell you, is that academics is not the only area to focus on. College is your window to the world, to your future. You learn a lot from this phase of your life that would help you thrive through, in future. It is the time where you can make mistakes and learn from them, without any major losses College life has more to it, than just scores and exams and assignments and GPA.
1. Social Networking:
Whether it is your professors or your room-mate or the people in various offices and classes, you will come across many different kinds of people and learn how to communicate. You will build relationships that might last for a lifetime. You will make new friends and contacts in your field. Your professors are going to speak for you on your future job applications in form of “references”. This is the first step towards building your professional and personal network.
2. Personality traits:
You will find out more about yourself in college. You will learn new things and that is going to build your personality. You’d start noticing people and try to imitate the good traits of others. This can include any trait like the way of talking, walking, laughing, complimenting and criticizing etc. Working with deadlines and time limits, you will learn the value of time and develop punctuality. You will definitely start respecting some traits after the college, which you had been ignoring or making fun of, before.
3. Hobbies:
College also brings opportunities of personal development. You will start discovering yourself. You will develop new hobbies to fight the stress and the busy, hectic schedule in college. You might not have been a sportsperson until college and you might end up becoming a gym-rat. People might have never seen you holding a pen before and you might suddenly develop a hobby of writing. This is good. Pick a hobby. Do what makes you feel happy and content, take a break from the regular routine. College life doesn’t have to be monotonous, take part in some extra-curricular activities.
4. Management:
You will learn how to manage your life at different levels. You will manage your time to fit in all the activities and still have time to study. Staying away from home and family, you will learn how to manage your monetary income and expenses. You will also manage conditions of stress. In all, you will learn the skill of prioritizing tasks in all areas of life.
College is an important part in the journey of life. Try to learn as much as you can, about life. But do not forget to enjoy it while you can. Make new friends. Surround yourself with people, you yourself want to be like. Make many new and happy memories. You don’t want to regret in the future, when you look back, do you?

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