Transitioning from highschool to college

Kimberley Glascoe is a published author and freelance writer for many online media outlets. She started writing at a young age and fell in love. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with her Bachelors degree in print journalism and minors in writing and African-American studies. She is currently in graduate school and will have her Masters in public relations in May 2015. She has written for Sister 2 Sister magazine,, and more.

Kimberley Glascoe is a published author and freelance writer for many online media outlets.
Everybody remembers their first love, or who they thought was their first love. You know, the one you wanted to spend every waking moment with while you were in high school. But you’re on your way to college now and everybody is telling you that it won’t work, so what do you do?
Trust me, I’ve been there before and heard it all.
“Spread your wings.”
“You don’t want to be tied down.”
“You’ll have your nose wide open when you get there.”
“Long distance relationships never work!”
So again I’ll ask, what do you do? This question is probably plaguing a few of you like it was final exam time and you have no idea what to study first. But I’m here to tell you, it’s okay, we’ve all been through it.
To share a personal experience with you, I was in a relationship with a very cool guy during my senior year in high school. We both knew that we were going to end up going to different colleges, but we never thought to bring up the conversation about where our relationship would go once our high school days were over.
Back then, I was proud to be in a relationship and I was sure that we would endure the long distance that college was going to place between us without any hiccups. And for the first few months, I was right. We talked every day and although we were physically apart, we couldn’t have been closer. I even made a friend whose hometown was where his college was located, so we could plan visits to see each other at least once a month.
Eventually, I began to realize that the distance was starting to take a toll on our relationship when the tell-tale hints started showing up: less calls, less texts, more school work and more arguing. We ended up taking a break and then parting ways all together around the second semester of our freshman year. Although it was a hard decision, it was a decision that had to be made for us to better ourselves.
So whether you’re in a relationship now or plan to get into one before leaving high school, talk to your significant other and figure out if the two of you are willing to weather the college storm together, although you may be apart. (And here you thought watching out for the infamous ‘Freshman 15’ and not getting lost on the first day of classes would be your only issues going off to college.)

Just remember that making decisions like that aren’t always easy, and you may feel heartbroken for a while. That’s a normal reaction. Your main focus going into college should be focusing on bettering yourself as an individual, learning what your likes and dislikes are and making sure you are working to getting yourself to the next level in your future career field. If a high school relationship can make it through all those college changes, then maybe, just maybe, it’s meant to be.

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