Need to know about college

Tierney D. Cummings, graduate of Clark Atlanta University with Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications, concentration in Public Relations. Originally from New York I love to travel and enjoy learning.

Starting college is a very exhilarating and frighting time in a young adults life. While most kids might spend their days fantasizing about the collegiate life or listening to mom and dad reminisce about the days that they strolled the campus. There are a few realities that will not be included in any institution’s brochure.

Dormitories! Thinking about living with a complete stranger is scary enough, but to find that you will sharing a space that is smaller than some closets is enough to make you insane. When I first arrived at my dorm I was less than thrilled with the accommodations. For a year I shared a tiny room with another girl, we each had a nightstand, a desk and slept on bunk beds. Needless to say I really missed home and started questioning wether or not I could stick it out. After making a few adjustments I grew to love my little place and learned that you can make almost any place a home with patience and effort.

Class registration can become a rat race. Once the new semester rolls around and you carve out the perfect schedule, one that includes great class times and the best professors. You soon learn that space for some classes is very limited and you may have to compromise on timing or an instructor. In some rare instances you are afforded an opportunity to cross register at a near by university. I was fortunate enough to have this chance and although it was a way to get out and meet new friends it also meant becoming familiar with a different campus and a new set of expectations. It is important to remain flexible and open-minded when structuring your schedule in order to be sure that you maximize the experience.

Savor every moment. Some of the best times of my life were spent in college, I learned a lot about myself and how to get along with others. Sadly the magical time you spend coming into your own is gone in the blink of an eye and you look back and realize you did not enjoy life to the fullest. Be certain to spend time laughing, trying new things and seeing new places to avoid looking back and saying, I wish or I should have.
Going to college is life’s greatest dress rehearsal. You get a glimpse at adult life while still living in a proactive bubble where you are shielded from typical grown up challenges. Take your time and do not be afraid to make mistakes before the curtain goes up.

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