If you are attending college away from home then it is likely that you are now living in a new city or town. College is an exciting time when there do not seem to be enough hours in the day to get all the work done and fulfill all of one’s social “obligations.” Perhaps you are part of a sports team, a musical ensemble or you’re heavily involved in other clubs and activities. College campuses are well known for typically being self-contained microcosms from which students only rarely emerge, often times to leave town on their way to their family homes during school breaks.

College is all about discovery! Just when you start feeling a little claustrophobic from all the work and the same old hang outs and social scenes on campus make it a point to take a couple of your good friends and explore the real local points of interest. You will be amassed at how little college students learn about their hosting community in the 2 or 4 years they reside in its midst! More likely than not you will meet welcoming locals, you will discover quirky coffee shops and night spots as well as wonderful retreats such as parks, hiking trails, museums or scenic spots to run to when college is getting the better of you. The same applies to college located within large cities like Boston or New York. Check out the local tourist websites and speak to the locals about what is the one thing they think is unmissable about their town. We all love to boast and share the attractions of our home town.

When you go to college remember that the move away from home is an essential part of the experience but you won’t get as much out of it if you don’t venture out of the familiar and explore your vicinity with a truly open mind!

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