College roommate

Living with strangers when you move away to college is one of the more nerve-wracking experiences that you are going to be faced with. You are moving from home to a new place, harder classes and potentially far from your family.

Your college roommate is probably going to be one of the first people that you meet and someone you will ultimately be spending a lot of time with. Even if your roommate is someone that you knew from home, it is still a new experience when you finally are living together and sharing a brand new space.

The horror stories of terrible college roommates are not uncommon. The terrors of a roommate who doesn’t shower, steals your things, invites people over to your room without warning or many other not-so-nice experiences are shared frequently.

Since the two of you are sharing such a small space, it is completely normal that the two of you hit a rough patch with your living conditions. The stress of college can sometimes build up and cause you to take your stress out on those closest to you.

The best way to minimize potential uncomfortable conflict or confrontation with your roommate is to have open communication. The more that the two of you talk about what is going on in your room and how you prefer to live within the shared space, the better that things will be. Establish a set of rules from the beginning that are compromising on each of your living styles. Even write down the rules and hang them up on the door to hold each other to them.

Decide on rules about guests staying in your room, study hours and habits and how to manage the cleaning or messiness.

You don’t have to be best friends with the person you live with but having open communication about what will keep each other happy while you live together will keep your dorm room from being a war zone. If worse comes to worse, there is probably a resident assistant that is on your floor that is trained to help settle roommate conflicts.

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