College tips for Women


My name is Maria Mongiardo and I am a sophomore at Clark University in Massachusetts. I plan to major in biology and minor in film studies and journalism. I am very passionate about blogging and have great advice to share with college students.




As a young woman about to go into her sophomore year of college I have learned quite a lot about college life in my first year.  Of course, there is that initial change in responsibility, pressure, and workload. Then there is that other side, new friends, parties, and maybe even a new you? There is so much happening while at college and sometimes it can be very difficult to cope with.  Here are a few college tips for how women should embrace the college way of life.


Try Everything: Take advantage of everything your college or university has to offer. Obviously, it is important to do well in school, but do not forget to stay sane.  If you are not much of a party girl then why not join a club or sport team? I joined my school’s outing and hiking club and absolutely loved it. It was a great way for me to make friends and have something to do on the weekends. Plus I also got a ton of exercise from participating in it. Remember to dip your feet into a little bit of everything you never know what you might learn about yourself.


Ask questions:

If you are unsure of what is happening in your class, what you should do for your major, or even where to find the closest American eagle to your school, ask someone! Life is full of questions and so is college too.


Plan and Prepare: There is so much going on during the school year with classes, extracurricular activities, and events on campus.  It is challenging to take a moment out of your day to think about the future. Whenever you are free try to plan and prepare for the future. This includes future career decisions, or even that car you have been trying to save up for. Calendars on your iPhone and computer are a great way to have your hectic life in order.


Be yourself:  Never feel scared to show off your individuality. Be who you are, and if you are unsure who that actually is try and figure it out! You have plenty of time to discover yourself and college is the best time to do that. Do not let this time go to waste.


You are not alone: Remember that there are thousands of other college women out there. They are all trying to get an education, find a job, and make friends along the way. Sure there will be some rough patches that you will go through, but you just have to embrace them and keep moving forward. If you are feeling lost or need someone your age to talk to the social media site, tumblr, is a great way to connect with other college students. Tumblr opens up the doors for college students who may have similar interests to each other.  Also, reach out and connect with your own school’s website and Facebook pages. Get to know and be comfortable with as many people as you can. That way you will be able to vent about what is going on in your life and get answers as quickly as possible.


College is challenging, exciting, and an all-together life experience.  Each year will bring new and thrilling problems that will help guide you to what your future will be like.  As a college woman be confident, daring, and curious. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving your desired future career.

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