College transitions

My name is Catharina Nilsson and I am currently a sophomore in the process of earning my Bachelor’s degree at the University of San Diego. I am majoring in International Business and minoring in Marketing.

Personally, I found the transition into college to be really easy in the beginning. I’ve lived abroad for half of my life and I actually was living in Switzerland when I started applying to universities, so I’m used to having to adapt to different surroundings and feel out of my comfort zone for long periods of time. I was super excited to finally live an independent life from my parents and to branch out and see what types of activities I was into and meet tons of new people. I was lucky and ended up becoming really good friends with my roommate and other suitemates. I also started getting involved in intramural volleyball, meeting more people with interests that aligned with my own. It was thrilling to start making so many connections so quickly!

By the time second semester rolled around, I had decided to rush for a sorority, and ended up getting into my top choice, Kappa Kappa Gamma. I was stoked to have found a group of women that I could really see myself becoming close to and establishing long lasting relationships with. However, it all started to become really rough when my two closest friends decided that they were going to transfer, not because they didn’t like USD, but because of personal/academic reasons. It truly was heart breaking to know that two of my best friends weren’t going to be going to the same school with me anymore and would be moving thousands of miles away from me. Also, I didn’t really feel like I connected with some of the girls in my new sorority, and because I didn’t know anyone that well upon joining, I felt alone and upset.

At the end of summer, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to come back to school after being home with all of my high school friends, and started to doubt if I ever could be as happy as I was first semester of my freshman year. However, when I started my first semester of sophomore year, I decided to have a really positive attitude and reached out to my other Kappa sisters. I can honestly say that I feel a much larger connection to some of the girls in my sorority now and have tried to participate more in various events. I still miss my other two best friends and wish that they were still with me, but I have realized that I have grown emotionally from last year and have never felt stronger and more confident about where I am now.

If you ever feel like things aren’t turning out the way you expected and that you just want to give up, try to think about all of the people that you can reach out to and put yourself out there more so that you can create those long lasting relationships and don’t have to feel so afraid and isolated. Trust me, everyone goes through dealing with their own insecurities and tough situations. You are the only person who can change their outlook and, at least for me, being positive has only brought me closer to the college experience that I have truly wanted from the start.

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