College Wardrobe Essentials

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Can we all agree that doing laundry is a drag? Combine that with having only one favorite top and that’s a frustrating evening trying to get ready to go out. What you need is a wardrobe system that will allow to look your best without having to run out for quarters every Friday night.

Here is a list of wardrobe essentials every college girl needs:

  • Cute tops

This can be t-shirts, button downs, henleys or tanks. But have as many as you can afford in as many different styles and colors. You can’t go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt, right? Big box stores sell cute, trendy tops seasonally and then try to get rid of the extra merchandise. This means at the end of each season you’ll have your pick of marked-down on trend tops, tees and tanks.

  • Boots, sandals and flats

Every girl knows you can’t have too many shoes. But did you know that you have to have some essentials? These are the basics: pair of boots, sandals and flats. Keep your running shoes in the gym, please. It doesn’t take much effort to slip on a pair of printed ballet flats, but the effect is so much greater than a ratty pair of faded cross-trainers.

  • Bags

It’s your choice whether you want to carry a backpack around campus or not. There are lots of other options out there – you could carry a cool biker-style messenger bag, a roomy, woven beach-inspired handbag or even a larger, leather tote bag for your books and laptop.

With this list of basics, you’re never far away from a killer outfit and hopefully, keep your visits to the dorm laundry room to a minimum.

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