I love college

Susan Coffman is a twenty-nine year old fine art photographer who worksin design and editing, as well as
freelance photography and writing. She has received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography, as well as a
Masters of Fine Arts in photography. She has also taken classes in Forensic Psychology. Susan uses a Canon
DSL-R, as well as a Canon Rebel 2000 SLR to shoot many different subjects such as self portraits and outdoor
photography. She has created many series involving psychology and the self. She has exhibited her work in
many locations across NY and Long Island. Susan is also a writer of poetry and research articles. She has also
been published for her writing, as well as photography. Susan has received many awards for her photography
and academic career. Her website is www.suzeediart.com

College was the best time of my life, and I’m not just talking about the social life. This amazing place lets you finally be yourself. It allows you to find your own path. In high school life is dictated by other people; your parents and teachers decide your daily fate. You are bombarded by things that you cannot relate to, yet somehow you have to retain all of this information. Don’t get me wrong, high school was fun; the years of no cares and little responsibility. But there was a catch: no freedom. College gives you that freedom. You are given the chance to choose your own fate; to choose how you live and what you spend your life doing. You are handed the keys to your own future and only you can get in your way. People start treating you like the things you say matter, like it has an impact on something more than your own daily life. You find other people like you, people with similar thoughts and opinions, and you begin to find your niche.
You grow immensely in college and you learn things about yourself that you would never have believed. You meet people that you have never met before, who have experiences that are so foreign to anything you have come to experience; and you learn from them. These new friends and acquaintances affect your life and help you to grow as a person.
And the professors will become like friends, these new teachers seem less like dictators and more like really passionate people who are trying to teach you something. When you get past the prerequisite classes and your day is filled with hours of learning about the topic you love; the topic you chose to spend your life concentrating on, you will realize how great college is. I went to college for nine years, so I know a little bit about it. There are days when I wish I could go back and days when I just thank those professors for making me the adult I have become. They don’t just teach you about a subject, they submerge you in interesting topics and teach you a lot about life and about yourself.
College professors have to be active in the field they teach, so you are guaranteed to receive current information and real facts and ideas from someone who actually does what they teach. These people want you to succeed; but they will not force you to learn. Let me get this clear: from here on, your future is in your hands. It is your responsibility to get yourself up for class, to make sure you are not late and miss important information. It is your problem if you miss class, and it is your responsibility to obtain the information that you missed. This is real life now, welcome to adulthood. From here on out you will be given the tools to create your own future; what you do with these tools is your business.

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