What does college mean to you

My name is Ashley Morgan. I am 24 years old and I’m from Houston, Texas. I graduated with my bachelors in Accounting from Sam Houston State University (GO BEARKATS). I also received my masters in Accounting from Prairie View A&M University in 2014. Right now I am getting ready to start my 3rd year as an accountant at a contracting company in Houston. College was the highlight of my life…so far. Honestly, the college experience made me who I am today. It helped me become more professional, I’m a great public speaker, I’ve become more confident, and I learned quite a bit of my social skill there as well. I am a firm believer in education; knowledge is power. Not only to better your life materially, but emotionally as well. Life is a journey, so I believe in doing whatever I can to make it my best! Hopefully, I am able to inspire someone else to do the same.

College means you are now walking down the yellow brick road once traveled by Dorothy, searching how to get home. In this case, you are journeying on the path to your career. The college experience can mean whatever you want it to. You will be picking up new friends, learning life lessons, and increasing your academic knowledge along the way. Most people preach to college students that college is serious and it should be taken seriously, which to a certain extent is true. But do not believe that college should be that boring, not even the academic portion! I would get excited if I were you. This is going to be one the most important times in your life.

First and for most, you are in college to receive an education. The question is what kind of education are you searching for? Do you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a fashion designer or an actress? You will not be able to get the right education for yourself until you know which path is right for you. If you are like myself, you are going into college right after graduating high school. So please tell me who knows exactly who they are and what they want in life at the age of 17 and 18? Don’t worry I’ll wait…

If you answered very few, then you are halfway to getting your degree.

When you first walk on that campus, you are not going to have your life planned out so well that it never changes and that is ok (preferred actually). Do you know the phrase “You live and you learn”? Well, for most people the bulk of their learning begins in college. You are growing into a young adult, and you are becoming accustomed things that you want and don’t want. In simple terms you are getting to know yourself.

If there was only one piece of advice I could give to every current and prospective college student it would be to take the time to get to know yourself. Unless you have a twin or another sibling going into college with you, you are there by yourself. Your parents aren’t there to tell you to go to bed. Your professors are not going to tell you when to study and how much. You are also not bound to the typical 7am- 3pm high school schedule. You are creating patterns and a life for your adult years, and I would not take it lightly. Yes you will be given plenty of advice and guidance from your parents, friends, professors, and counselors. In the end, the decisions you make in these 4 years help create the life only you will live. So to help you, I’ll tell you how to practice getting to know yourself better.

At least once every other day for about 20-30 minutes, separate yourself from the noise of your college life:
• Be by yourself
• Put your phone on silent
• Turn off the TV, radio, and computer
• Be someplace that is peaceful to you (on the patio, in the park, lying in the bed, etc.)
Remember, this is not the time to think about the assignments that you have to do, or how your boyfriend/girlfriend is being childish, or any other distractions. This is all about you right now. Think about the things you have been through, your likes and dislikes, and the lessons you have learned thus far. Become aware of your mental and physical being. Pay attention to how you feel at that very moment. Yes, this may sound ridiculous, but believe me it will prove beneficial. The more you become familiar with who you are, the more everything will fall into place. You will choose a major & minor that falls in line with your interest, not just what makes you money. You will pay attention to the people you bring into your personal space and call your friends. You will become a more responsible and respectable person.

This routine will make it easier for you to live a happy life and make the most out of your college experience. This is what college is about. Creating a new world for yourself, getting to know yourself, interacting with other people, and learning how to turn your interests and goals into a profitable career. College means a new beginning for your life…enjoy!

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