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Why should I speak to one of your college students when I can call the admissions department at a school that I am interested in?


Why should I bother speaking with a college student that is attending a school that I am interested?


Why don’t I just travel to the schools that I am interested in to speak with students?


What is the cost to speak with a college student in your network?


How would I go about booking a call with a college student?


We also help your child to improve their personal statement essays, get their SAT scores up with personalized one-on-one tutoring, and connect you with a admissions consultant so you can figure out the right school fit. Use Admitopia to book a call with our college student network and get the information you need to make an informed college decision.


  • Susanne Young

    My daughter used Admitopia to easily
    schedule calls with students already
    attending her prospective schools.
    She got unbiased information
    to get the insider’s look
    at each location. The students
    told her all about the teacher
    quality, the dorms, how good the
    cafeteria food is, whether the
    career services staff actually helps
    with job and internship placement,
    and every other question
    she had.

  • Brittany Johnson

    I can communicate with you over cell
    phone, email, Skype or Google voice at
    a time that is convenient for you to
    answer any questions about my school.
    I can give my honest feedback on
    the dorms, professors, social life,
    if my friends are getting jobs
    and internships and more

  • Angelie Nguyen

    I wanted to give a shout out to a company
    called Admitopia. They enable students to
    create an online digital portfolio to
    showcase their abilities. They then
    get messages from admissions officers
    nationwide if they think you are
    a good match for their school

  • Tina Wright

    Admitopia enables you to request a call
    with a given industry professional
    some of whom have decades of
    expierence. Get the inside