Communal showers

You’ve moved into your dorm room and your roommate seems alright. You’ve decorated a little, making the space your own. Now, you wonder where the bathroom and showers are. Well, they aren’t anywhere in your room. You ask around, and get directed down the hall. You wander, unsuspecting, following the directions given, and reach a slightly dingy door with a female icon indicating this is the women’s bathroom.

That’s right folks. You will be sharing a bathroom with your fellow dorm dwellers. The door creaks as you open it, and you are met with the smell of damp and of various fruit-scented soaps and shampoos. The fluorescent light flickers on above you, and you find yourself standing in a fully tiled bathroom
Other people’s hair is on the floor, in the sink, and in the shower area. And you wonder, how in the world do you make this space your own.

Well, unfortunately, you can’t. But here are three tips to help make the experience less…icky.

1. Request your dorm Resident overseer, to supply the bathrooms with squeegees. These are broom-like objects with spongy material instead of bristles. If they won’t supply one, buy one yourself. Use this to push any pooled water and hair to the drain of the individual shower you will be using. Its effective, and cheap. You will be able to relax more knowing you aren’t standing in someone else’s dirty shower water and hair.
2. Bring a cleaning cloth with you. Hair falls out at the sink when people are styling themselves. It just happens. Plus sink water splashes. If you have a cleaning towel with you, you can easily clean and clear the sink before you use it.
3. Most importantly, invest in a pair of flip-flops. Standing water and hair aren’t the only icky things about a communal shower. Fungus and viruses that cause warts on the soles of your feet are common in communal showers. Wear flip-flops to keep your feet clear of the floor.

No one loves communal showers. But they are often a rite of passage in college dorm life. Hopefully these three tips will help get you through the year, fresh and clean.

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