Confessions of a Cheap Girl

There are certain things in life that I like to splurge on. These include nice purses, blonde highlights that I insist are my natural color and $9 fresh pressed green juices that I am convinced make me healthier. One thing that I don’t like spending money on is my eyebrows. I also hate to tweeze them. I think that tweezing is one of the most painful things you can do to yourself and for some reason it always makes me sneeze. Is that weird? That said, I think that clean, shaped eyebrows can change your face. So a few years ago I started to wax my own eyebrows. It’s actually far less intimidating than you think it would be. What I started out doing was going and getting my eyebrows threaded so they were the exact shape that I liked. Then every two weeks I would wax with a home kit following the shape that was already there. I’ve kept this up and haven’t had any problems. Well, I should say I haven’t had any problems until last week when I was in a rush. I had a date and at the last minute realized that my eyebrows needed to be cleaned up. In a rush, I heated up the wax and started to apply it. Never let hot wax near your face when you are in a hurry. I wasn’t paying attention and a giant glob of hot wax dripped down on to my eyelashes. Not sure what to do, I quickly tried to wipe it off which just ended up spreading the wax even more. I let it dry and then tried to peel it off. Instead of removing the wax, I removed a clump of eyelashes. So now I am walking around with a bald patch of eyelashes until they grow back in. They will grow back in, right?

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