Confidence and Communication

By London Ueal

Going to university for the first time is a huge deal whether it be an institution close to home or an institution that is far from home. There’s just so many things you will be unfamiliar with! It can be nerve-wrecking for a shy, apprehensive individual as well as for an outgoing individual. If you’re that shy individual, you won’t be by the end of your undergraduate college career. Don’t believe me? You’re not going to want to skip this article!
First and foremost, communicating in college is everything and I literally mean that. As a freshman or first-time college student, there will be many things you won’t know. Yes, your orientation preps you, but on the first day of classes, you could easily forget where a specific building is. What do you do if you forgot the handy dandy map you were given at orientation and there’s not one nearby? Ask someone of course! Are you confident enough to ask a stranger such a simple question on your campus where something is?
Whether there’s a few hundred, versus a few thousand, versus a couple of thousand attendees, you will have to adjust and adapt to college life especially when it comes to campus housing and dorm rooms. Freshman usually will have to share a small living space with 1-3 other people and maybe a public restroom with many more. Chances are, you will get along with your roommates, but if in an instance you don’t, have the confidence to talk with your Dorm Advisor in an understanding manner. Besides, who wants to live with someone uncomfortably? If you never speak up, you will.
In your dorm, you will instantly meet a lot of people. Participate in your dorm activities as there is always something for everyone! For example, if your dorm is having karaoke, and you can sing, sing! If there’s a recycling volunteer event, and you’re Go Green, sign up! If there’s a movie night of one of your favorite movies, attend! You will continually meet people who could turn into close friends, social or professional colleagues.
Being interactive throughout your dorm will easily and automatically allow you to be interactive on your campus! It is crucial to be involved in your school’s activities as your personal and professional lives will start to develop. College campuses and organizations offer a wide variety of seminars, lectures, and activities in regards to your personal life, career-related objectives, as well as school-spirit related things. Simply putting your best foot forward will allow you to easily gain confidence once you find a few solid comfort zones within your college campus. You will begin to fine your niche within your first and maybe even second semester.
Wherever go, be confident and communicate. What do you have to lose? Be yourself, but adjust to your surroundings. Greet everyone you see with a simple smile or greeting. Overall, you will be a well-rounded, adaptable, and confident young man/woman at the end of your college experience.

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