What am I looking for in a woman

“What am I looking for in a woman?” my best friend told me. “Passion. She has got to be excited about something in her life. Without passion, or some sort of thing or things that she pursues, she’s just another person on this planet. I almost want to compete for her attention.”

Recently I was chatting with two friends about what they’re looking for in a girlfriend and eventually wife. The first said passion, and the second talked about confidence.

“She has to believe in herself. I know we’re all insecure about some things, and sometimes we need someone else to lift us up. But I don’t want to have to do that all the time. Along with what he said about passion, I want her to have the confidence to desire something and then pursue it without me pushing and prodding her. I have my own goals and I want someone to push me, but I don’t want to have to depend on someone to tell me what to do. I expect the same out of my girl.”

Decades ago men may have wanted a more complacent girlfriend, but the more I speak to men the more I am finding that they want a modern woman who can stand on her own two feet. As another friend pointed out “I want to be assured that if something happens to me she can stand on her own two feet. This is especially important if we decide to have children together.” I understood his point all too well.
So if you’re a woman looking for a good man then write down all the things you want to pursue, such as learning how to kickbox or perform in a community theatre play, and get out there and start doing it. When you go on dates with men they’ll probably find you a lot more interesting and you will have more things to talk about.

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