Finished high school

My name is Vallean Jackson, and I am 21 years old. I currently attend Jacksonville State university where I am majoring in Communications with the concentration of print journalism and a minor in biology. I currently write for my school newspaper, the Chanticleer. Over the summer, I worked for (The Birmingham News). My first published work was an anthology called, “A Valentine Kiss” in February 2014. This past summer, I signed with K Ellis Publication and my first short story released in September 2014. In my spare time outside of writing, I dance and love music. I am an only child that comes from a single parent household. I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I am a high school graduate of Wenonah High School, graduated number 4 in my school and I am still continuing to strive. I used to belong to Board Street Baptist Church as my church home until the Rev. Solomon Crenshaw Sr. passed! However, I am a woman of strong faith and determination. One of favorite scriptures comes from the book of Isaiah 40:29-31. I believe in helping others and giving back to others and my community as best as possible.

The transition into college is a beautiful accomplishment. The first step of graduating high school has been conquered. Things will not be the same and, there will be a lot of new things. College will be full of experiences that will mature and shape the person you will become. There will be plenty to look forward to; however do not be so quick to experience it all at once.
There are plenty of differences between high school and college. No matter whether you choose a two year school, trade program, or four year university or college, choose where you want to go. The only person that will be responsible for assignments is you, so make sure that your choice is somewhere you are comfortable. Pick according to your major, student teacher ratio, diversity, tuition cost, and distance. College involves more decision making than just attending the family alma mater local high school.
In addition to the selection of college, consider room and board, books, and common expenses that might come up. Room and board goes beyond just the cost calculated by the school of choice because the preparation of the things needed or required can be just as costly. It is best to get a head start when it comes to completing the list of necessities and accessories. The transition into college also opens the door of responsibility. Responsibility that will fall on the student opposed to the parent as though high school might have included.
The biggest rewards that come from college besides an education is the experience and maturity gained. It is quick to get involved in the hype of college, but bad grades and some consequences will certainly change that. How the situation is handled determines whether maturity has set in and weather there is more to learn and gain. The person that enters college changes for either the good or the bad, and the responsibility weaves out those who can handle the pressure. Do not shy away from the student body on behalf of possible intimidation. Interact with your graduating class and meet new people.
Make decisions based on the person that you are, and not based on what everybody else is doing. The purpose of college is to gain an education with the hope to start your career. The purpose is not to over indulge in the leisure’s of college.
The overall advice to give in the transition into college is remaining focused. It is so easy to get distracted by people who are more interested in the next party than graduating on time. It is so easy to fail assignments and tests when priorities are not in the right place, and procrastination takes place. Waiting to the last minute puts on the pressure, and can still lead to failing. Start ahead of assignments and studying for tests, so the room to participate in leisure’s can take place. Make wise decisions, stay focus, and remember that responsibility is key.

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