What to do with a bachelors in fine art

My name is Kylie Sebert and I’m currently pursuing my Master of Fine Arts in Writing. I’m also an aspiring novelist currently working on my first book. My Bachelor of Arts is in Journalism and I have worked in television, radio and at a newspaper. I recently moved to beautiful Portland, Maine and am enjoy hiking in my free time.

When deciding your path through college, it can be intimidating to decide where to start. I know the feeling all too well. When I was a senior in high school, I was pressured into deciding what I would do with the rest of my life. In fact, I could even venture to say this began junior year during college visits. However, after deciding I would pursue a career in Physical Therapy, like my older brother, I realized that this was the rest of my life we were talking about. I even career-shadowed a PT during my senior year, and quickly realized this work, while admirable was far from what I truly wanted to spend my days doing.
It was because of this incident that I decided to go into college as an “open major.” I’m not sure about you, but this term was dreaded where I came from. It was stigmatized, set aside for people who had no idea what they were going to do. But rather than see it as a hurdle, I embraced it and went into my freshman year with an array of classes in subjects I was interested in. That’s when I discovered my passion for writing could be a career path.
Another scary subject is often a major in Fine Arts. People cringe when you say it, knowing there isn’t necessarily a guaranteed job with a pretty bow tied around it at the end. However, I seek to dissuade you of this notion. Majoring in Business because it usually guarantees you a 9-5 job with benefits is not the way to go if you heart truly lies somewhere else. People say it all the time, so much that it can be seen as a cliché, but doing something that you enjoy for the rest of your life is far better than settling. Why settle?
Majoring in something like Fine Arts will introduce you to the world you hoped to find in college. The one where you can have lively discussion about topics you are passionate about. The one where you can think freely and creatively at every class. Through my pursuit of my Master in Fine Arts in Writing, I have come to thrive under a workshop setting. I strongly believe this is the place where I learn the most. Fine Arts also allows you a close link to your teachers that you simply cannot find in other majors. Your instructors are likely going to be as passionate as you are about the subject and will generously distribute their knowledge to you.
It can be scary to settle on a major that people don’t often realize the full value of, but know this, the experience you receive and the ambition that is instilled in you will forever carry you in your pursuit of your career. I urge you to pursue that spark and dive into your creative life head on.

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