Majoring in communications?

My name is Leah Francis I was born June 27, 1988 in Houston, Texas to a household of all girls. I am 26 years old and currently working on my second Bachelor’s Degree at Texas Southern University. I attended Lamar University to receive my first undergraduate degree in Applied Arts and Science and a minor in Health and Kinesiology. I am an inspiration to the youth in my community by being a Cheerleader Coach and a tutor for all ages and subjects. I am inspired by my four sisters who have guided me with life experiences and taught me with wisdom how to be a successful entrepreneur and well-rounded educator. I am the youngest of the five girls and I am currently working to pursue a career in music management and television production, with goals to one day be a top selling producer and director.

Entertainment Recording Industry Management is the major I choose to pursue at TSU and I have a lot of friends and family who have supported me along the journey. In ERM, a major of this choice is for someone who wants to be an independent contractor in the entertainment business and focus their career on building and maintain the company. In ERM it is necessary to understand and have a business background because a person can be responsible for managing the artist, the label, tours, and all other entities that come with the entertainment business. A person who is well knowledgeable in the business world will generate a great relationship in marketing. Their ultimate goal is to encourage lasting costumer connections on a brand and generate repeat sales. The classes offered at TSU for an ERM major that I have taken and I am currently enrolled in for next semester include Introduction to the Recording Industry, Artist Management, and Entrepreneurship which are all taught by Mathew Knowles, Beyonce Knowles father. I am learning the world of the Entertainment business from someone who has established great leverage and became very successful as a talent manager and businessman. He has managed one of the top selling R&B female groups “Destiny Child” and has managed his daughter Beyonce Knowles to be one of the top selling Pop artists of today. In the music business the producer is responsible for everything in the studio, including sound and tech. Today in urban music the producer is commonly known as the person who makes the beats. A talent scout is in charge of searching for the best, up and coming, individual, and creative individuals who they feel can contribute to the business or label. Lastly, the entertainment manager is responsible for all affairs that involve the artist, model, dancer or whoever they work for. The manager deals with the touring, merchandising, publishing, artist development, album release, just to name a few, but all entities that involve the individual in his or her entertainment career.
I choose to inform my peers of this information because I a lot of student are not aware that this is a real degree program and have potential to be a successful degree. I encourage anyone who has in interest in music, dance, and entertainment as a whole to join the student and staff at Texas Southern University to pursue their curriculum. Currently not ranked at the top with other Schools of Communications such UT at Austin or even UCLA in California, TSU offers the same communication degrees and we are currently in building more to become a tier one school just like other major institutions. Not only is ERM offered in out communication studies, but we offer a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting and Radio, Television and Film. The ultimate goal and mission for TSU School of Communications is to ensure all students have adequate knowledge and expertise skills and experience when they graduate from the University.

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