Study and abroad

​​My name is Korina Sanchez, I am currently a junior at the University of Tampa seeking a Bachelors Degree in International Business and Marketing. Born an raised on Long Island, New York, I grew up with salt water in my veins. I absolutely love the ocean and everything about the sweet and salty air, down to every grain of sand. I started doing gymnastics as a toddler and went on to compete in USAG as well as for my varsity high school team starting in the seventh grade. I also was a year round lacrosse player on top of that and originally planned to play lacrosse through my college years. Unfortunately, due to a serious injury in gymnastics my junior year of high school, it put me at a serious disadvantage and I lost my lacrosse fire. I have one sister who has very abruptly transformed from my worst enemy to my absolute best friend. She attends the University of Rhode Island currently, but plans to transfer here to UT in the Fall of 2015. Here at UT I am extremely involved with my sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, and put every ounce of energy I have into everything we do. Rushing as a freshmen, I look back and know for a fact there was nothing I regret about it at all. This organization has given me a sense of home when I felt so far away. From formal recruitment to weekend socials and semi formals I have done it all. I hope to study abroad this coming summer in either Florence, London, or Barcelona. That shall be announced! As for now I am just enjoying the wonderful time I have left at UT.

Do you ever sign on to your Facebook account, Twitter, or Instagram and see those amazing pictures your friends are posting from across the world? Or those awesome video blogs with the footage of a place that looks make believe? Don’t you just think to yourself “I wish I could do that!” Being a college student opens so many doors for you, opportunities to explore another country, the world, and yourself. Many schools have Universities in other countries they connect with for study abroad programs through almost any major you could think of.
As a business major there is so much stress on expanding my knowledge of other countries and cultures. Many of you I am sure are similar to me, I always dreamed of seeing a brand new place. There is only one thing holding me back, the tightly tied strings I have with my family in New York have made it so difficult for me to accept being away for so long. The unpredictable could happen in the blink of an eye, and where would I be for it? As I have learned the past 3 years being at school in Florida, being away from my family for weeks at a time, there are certain limits we set on ourselves being out of our comfort zone. Also, what is becoming more important as the years go on is getting out of that comfort zone and challenging yourself.
Until now I have been skeptical to a semester study abroad program, due to the lengthy time away without family and friends close by. I realized that being a student could give you an experience you may only be able to have one time, that time is now. If I can give any advice to a student near, or far, take your chances. I am. Do your research and find the best program for you. The possibilities are endless. Go out, take a risk, and discover yourself while you’re at it.

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