Controlling Cravings

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you see a cookie, piece of cake, ice cream, really anything sweet, you want it. You want it so badly that you think you need it. This is a problem when you start giving in too often, are trying to lose weight, or are trying to fuel yourself properly for a sporting event (in my case, a marathon). But it’s so hard to make the craving go away! you think. With these easy tips, you’ll soon learn that it’s really not that hard to control cravings, it just takes a little willpower.
If you can, avoid triggers. So for me, this means not looking into the window of an ice cream store, pastry shop, or cupcake shop. If I’m at a restaurant that has a dessert menu or platter, I try my best not to look at it. Out of sight, out of mind.
When you do see a trigger, teach yourself how to take control. You could try waiting 10 minutes and then deciding if you really want it, or if you’re workout-oriented do a set of push-ups and then see how you feel. If you can’t avoid it, maybe you’re at a birthday party or something, then try to take a small portion, wait a few minutes, then decide if you want more. Or, split it with a family member or friend. After a few bites it just doesn’t taste as good anymore anyway, so limit yourself.
Don’t avoid cravings altogether, though, as that is just as unhealthy as giving in every time. You need to splurge sometimes otherwise you’re restricting, and that can lead to a world of problems. Decide to give in every 5th time, or allow yourself to eat something you love (and crave) just once a week, or maybe bring something with you if you know that a craving will hit. You probably just crave sugar or salt, so swap in something super unhealthy for something that gets rid of the craving but isn’t as terrible for you. Be prepared!
If the damage is already done, don’t beat yourself up. Stop thinking that you’re awful for having eaten that, and definitely don’t think that you can eat a bunch of unhealthy food because you gave into one craving. Give yourself the treat, really enjoy it, and then tell yourself it was delicious but now you’re done.
You can also take preventative measures to avoid cravings altogether: make sure you’re full all day long. Get enough healthy food in your diet, fiber especially, and soon you won’t even feel those cravings to begin with! If a craving does hit, then pause and ask yourself if you’re really hungry—if you’ve been eating properly, you won’t be, and then the craving will go away.
After putting all of these steps into action, you really can control your cravings.

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