Cope Under Pressure


We cannot mince words, anyone interested in a Public Relations career needs the ability to cope under pressure.  PR roles can be definitely varied so the ability to organize workloads to bear under strict deadlines is imperative.  When dealing with anything media there is going to be a deadline attached.  Think about it, magazines must go to press; newspapers go into print daily, campaigns launch on a due date.  A PR specialist needs to embrace living in harmony with deadlines. They will never go away.

PR jobs are not a nine-to-five proposition.  A PR executive can expect to have early starts, late finishes and working weekends. These kinds of hours happen when deadlines need to be met.  Hopefully as deadlines pass one can grab some breathing room.  So being able to swing and sway with the projects and not live by a ticking clock will help strength a PR career.

Some pressures may mount for a PR career is managing budgets.  Everything has a cost.  Costs can fluctuate in a market so these demands can build pressure on a PR campaign.  Maintaining control over expenses that are being billed out to or for other departments can be maddening.  Here is where systems with check and balances can aid the PR’s plans.  Setting budget amounts attached to completion fulfillment can ensure a timely delivery.  Funding can be used as incentive to meet those deadlines.

Probably dealing with journalists under the heading of coping with pressure should be obvious. Journalist can be their own breed of tension.  They have deadlines they will want to enforce on the PR rep.  Journalists want a good story and will put their own spin on the truth, whether it helps the PR reps’ claims or not.  Caution is due where Journalists are concerned.

Setting goals and objectives can serve as a pressure valve for the pressure cooker that is PR.  Goals and objectives can distill the big picture down to the manageable, the doable, and the very next small step that can be taken towards a goal.  With each step a little pressure can be released from the cooker.

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