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Cristal Terrones is a Business & Marketing major at Arizona State University with experience in journalism, SEO integration, and e-marketing techniques. Some of Cristal’s passions include youth empowerment, technological advancement, environmental awareness and supporting new sustainable resources. Cristal describes herself as hard working, resilient, and driven to succeed. She currently works as a freelance marketing strategist and writer in Chandler, Arizona.
As studying abroad becomes more and more popular among young college students, so do the destinations that are beginning to open their doors to undergrads seeking a cultural change with their curriculum. Places like Central America, Europe, and Asia are all becoming popular sites for students seeking studies abroad. So with so many options available, how is one to choose?
Well, leave it to me (an environmental advocate and animal lover) to pick one of the most exotic and bio diverse places on the planet; Costa Rica! I found Costa Rica to be a great destination for students with a passion for environmental sustainability and awareness & nature preservation. The country houses one of the most diverse ecosystems and takes pride in maintaining a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. In fact, the country ranked 5th in the world on the Environmental Performance Index in 2012 (Rodriguez, n.d., para. 1). This, along with the undeniable fact that Costa Rica is a breathtaking view of nature at its best, is enough to make Central America my next study abroad destination.

Rodriguez, Carlos Manuel. “Costa Rica Uses the EPI to Improve National Environmental Policies”. Environmental Performance Index.n.d. Web. December 3rd 2014.

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