Create a study space

If you live in a dorm, chances are you are sharing your room with someone and you have limited space to call your own. But you need a place of your own, somewhere to focus and study or simply to relax.

If you share a room, you might consider purchasing a room divider which can be put in place when needed and put away again once you’re ready to be more social. Another idea is to put up, straight, hanging dividers. You can install these directly onto runners attached to your ceiling. Spread them out when you need privacy, slide them back together when you don’t.

So now you have your own area, you need to make it a calm oasis. Purchase a set of noise-blocking earphones if you can, in case you need to study when you’re roommate is playing music or watching a movie. You want to decrease the amount of distractions as much as possible.

Light is important. Make sure it is bright, steady, and warm. White, fluorescent light can pulse, and it does not create a pleasant atmosphere. Once you have a nice, bright space, you need to organize it. Line your books up vertically, rather than haphazardly stacking them. You can put floating shelves on the wall behind your desk where you can temporarily store books you need to keep to hand.

Have a place for paper notes, a place for pens and pencils, paperclips, a stapler, highlighters and any other supplies required. Make sure it is easy to clear away. A desk drawer is ideal. Purchase an insert to keep all of the items organized within.

Ensure you invest in a proper, adjustable desk chair. You want to ensure you sit with your knees at a right angle, with your eyes level to the middle of your computer screen – not too high, where you need to crane your neck, and not too low, where you have to slouch.

Lastly, purchase some visually relaxing items. A plant can keep your study air purified. Posters, artwork, or pictures of your family, and perhaps a desk calendar can personalize the space. Don’t go overboard, you want the space to be orderly and interesting, not busy and distracting.

Once you have a place of your own, studying and relaxing will come more easily. You’ll be a better student and a better, happier roommate.

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