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Tiffany Troumouliaris is a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in advertising with the goal of having a career in advertising copywriting. In addition to writing for advertising, she enjoys keeping up with current fashions and writing fashion reviews.

It’s Friday, and you just hit the snooze button¬–for the third time. But in your defense, how can you possibly wake up before noon after the night you had last night? I mean, come on, it’s practically a full time job being that social. You had to go to both your best friend’s and your boyfriend’s parties so that one of them wouldn’t think you were ditching them, right? And by the time you got home at 4 a.m., because you walked across town- (responsible, right?), you just had to hit the hay immediately because you were definitely too tired to finish any homework. So now you’re laying in bed contemplating whether or not to go to class, and you’re leaning towards the latter, because hey, it is Friday, right? Wrong.

One of the biggest mistakes a vast number of students make every year is falling into the assumption that college should be a time of partying, “living it up” and having the “best years of your life.” But why? Why has something that is intended, by definition, to be an institution of higher learning, flipped in the opposite direction in so many young adults’ eyes?

You are coming to college to learn. You have a specific major that you chose in correlation with your strengths and interests, and you are hoping that your education in that major will set you up to receive a job once you graduate. So why not take advantage of every possible resource provided to you to succeed? Don’t come to a place of learning with the intention of studying not being your first priority. College can come at a hefty price tag, so instead of blowing off classes you have paid for because you are too tired from partying last night, go to bed early and make sure you are at that class on time. Better yet, get to class a little early and talk with your professor- about anything. Ask a question about your homework, a test, their career in the industry, anything. Instead of spending countless hours partying throughout the week, put those hours into doing your homework, because the extra effort shows, no matter what the assignment or class. Still have extra time? Pick up a part-time job through your college or a virtual internship. Both options are accommodating towards an academic schedule and are a great way to give you hands on experience to add to your resume. Every smart decision or connection you make is a building block for the foundation of your career.

Before you think that what I’m saying is just completely unrealistic, let me tell you, it isn’t, because I am living it. I am the ultimate nerd and I am proud of it. I have not gone to a single party since my first week on campus, and it is one of the best decisions I can make. I take a full load of classes, have a part time job through my college’s writing department and have two virtual internships with major brands under my belt, and I am able to make time for everything because my education is my number one priority. Not going to parties and staying out until all hours of the night has not hindered me in any way. I still have friends, I still am social and I still feel like I am getting the “college experience”- just one that I have created for myself and one that I am confident will lead me to success once it’s time to say goodbye to college. So, my advice to you is to make a college experience that is perfect for you and your goals. Make sure that you are taking advantage of every opportunity provided to you and build yourself up for a successful future, because college doesn’t last forever.

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