Curls That Won’t Quit On You

We don’t ask for much out of life. Every girls just wants skin that doesn’t breakout, like ever, and a way to have a fit body without actually having to ever set foot inside a gym. While I can’t give you any these things, I can help you get perfect curls that will last all night. As someone with hair that is very fine and very straight, I have always wanted thick, full, bouncy curls. But after trying everything under the sun, I eventually gave up. But like the saying “quitters never win and winners never quit”, I never abandoned my dream of actually being able to curl my hair and have it last all night long. It turns out it isn’t nearly as complicated as you would think.

The trick is to first start with hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two. Freshly washed hair lacks the natural oils and texture needed to make the curls stick. If you can’t handle the feeling of dirty hair, then apply some dry shampoo to your roots to soak up some of the oil. Products and having the right tools is absolute key in mastering long-lasting curls. Start with a styling cream that is light so it won’t weigh your hair down and will add texture. Also spritz on a spray meant for protecting your hair from heat so that it doesn’t get fried. Before you even pick up a curling iron, make sure you are using one with the right size barrel. The rule of thumb is the harder it is for your hair to hold a curl, the smaller you want the barrel of the curling iron to be. If your hair curls easily, you can go a little larger to get loose waves. Now, you know I like to do things cheap and cheerful, but this is one of those times when it pays to invest in a good curling iron. The drugstore brand just won’t cut it. Ok, here is the real secret to keeping your curls. Once you’ve curled a section with the iron, pin the curl to your head. Once all of the curls are pinned, spray your entire head with a thin mist of hairspray. Gently remove each pin and run your fingers through.

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