Cyber Bullying

The Internet is a place to communicate in many different ways. However, the mean words that people swap with each other behind the protection of message boards anonymity means that bullying has gone cyber. The wide use of technology and social media across many platforms makes something viral very quickly and unknowingly or knowingly harms many every single day.
Hurtful words can follow students everywhere when they are in college, phones can go off in the middle of the class with new comments about someone’s actions or something that they believe in.
The emotional grief and potential distress caused by the cruelty of students online to their peers at extreme levels can lead to very negative consequences.
Sometimes people don’t even realize the negative reactions that their posts and comments may cause. Other times, students are purposefully trying to hurt someone because of whatever reason they have justified in their mind.
It really comes down to making people aware about how dangerous bullying is. Through cyber bullying education, specifically to define what cyber bullying is and how to prevent it must be taught to students of all ages. Through the education, students can realize when their actions go from being a joke to being something more harmful. Through cyber bullying education, students can also learn about what they should do when someone else is being treated poorly. Some students fear speaking up because they are afraid of retaliation and something happening to them which is why many schools offer free tip lines that are completely anonymous.
No one should ever be afraid to stand up for what they believe in and they should never be bullied for it. It is not fair for someone to feel so poorly about themselves just because of something someone sends to them online. Make sure you learn about just what cyber bullying is and how you can help prevent it.

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