College date ideas

So you met a really cute girl at the bars last night with more than “hook up” potential and you’d like to actually try your hand at being gentleman and impressing her with a nice date. Only trouble is that you’re pretty low on funds and book buyback isn’t for weeks so a cash influx is not imminent. What can you do to still create a memorable night without breaking the bank? Try these simple tips for a date night worth every penny.

1) Daily deal websites – Use daily deal websites on a unique experience like a wine tasting or a boat ride and she’ll totally forget that she’s on a budget date, simply because you used a little creativity in selecting the date activity.

2) Make Dinner – Date night doesn’t always have to be about going out. Hit up videos for some simple, easy-to-follow recipes that can be whipped in a dorm room with limited effort.

3) Screening Tickets – Going to the movies is always popular date night fare. Film companies love to do advance screenings of upcoming films on college campuses.

4) Student ID Deals – One of the benefits of being a student are the discounts that you can get just by showing your student ID. You may be able to take your date to a play or a stand-up comedy event for really cheap. Check your college or university’s student ID website to find out what deals your ID can get you.

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