Date Night

Hey! I am Felicia Taliaferro, I am a student at the University of Maryland College Park. I major in English and minor in sustainability. I love working and interacting with people. I love making people laugh and smile! I am a creative and passionate person, and those attributes flow into all the work that I do. When I am around friends or make a new friend, I like to inspire them to do or think differently about something that is “ordinary”. To me it is important to see the beauty and potential in all things. As an English major and a poet I have an affinity to language and words, my relationship with words and language is constant and never boring. My love for words and language is rooted in how much power they hold alongside the importance of one’s voice. This love corresponds to what I wish to do in this world, write, for I believe I possess the qualities that can connect people pass words and images, but make an impact on how they feel.


There is nothing having a planned day of the week where you spend time with your significant other. This night is important because it demonstrates to both parties that they are willing to make time for one another regardless of class and work. It’s essential in a good relationship that you feel like a priority not an option, you should at least be in the top three.  In any relationship making time for someone that truly matters is a great way to show that you care and that you appreciate them, without having to write it in the sky. The little things matter most.

Even though you are bound to see you’re significant more than once a week, date night or day is specific to not doing homework or studying together, but just enjoying life and one another. Additionally it invites the possibilities of life, you guys can do that same thing each date night, but it would be a better experience to have different date night options in advance. I say in advance because it’s annoying to have to go through the “what do you want to do” conversation each time. However there are so many fun ways to enhance the date night experience that are tailored to the wants and budgets of each person, since being a broke college student is a real reality!

Here are a couple ideas to making each and every date night/day fun and new!

  1. Date Jar:* Get an empty glass jar, whether a mason or old pasta sauce jar. Each person get a set of post it notes with a specific color for each party. Each of you guys write as many reasonable date ideas read them aloud then place them into the jar or just place them in the jar and just hope that date suggestions will be affordable and fun! *With the date jar idea it is crucial that before you all start writing date suggestions you discuss guidelines and rules.
  2. There’s an App for that: there are plenty apps that provide fun things to do in your location and the surrounding locations, such as groupon and living social. These apps don’t just provide you with tangible goods like art supplies or fancy phone chargers. But allow you to search your surroundings for fun and affordable activities that need at least two people to participate for a decent price, which can be split between the two of you.
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