Dating for college students

College means having a lot of opportunities to make new friends. Whether you meet your new friends in a class, in your dorm, at a party, or on campus, friendships in college can be one of the best parts of your college experience.

Once you’ve made a nice group of friends, a touchy situation might arise – you may possibly like your friend more than just a friend. The two of you may possibly talk about taking it up to a new level.

Dating someone that started has off as a friend can be amazing, or can totally backfire.

When dating a friend, the good news is, you know the person, you trust the person, you’ve had friendly interactions with this person, you’ve more than likely experienced meaningful situations, and have already developed a well established rapport.

You probably know the same people, are part of a fun shared group of friends, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s very possible that it’s easy to decide where to go on dates, and you are well aware of what your friend likes and dislikes.

Sounds simple enough, right?


Dating a friend can also backfire and go horribly wrong. You may know too much about your friend, like their ex, so potentially, you may know what to look for if suddenly they are getting texts late at night. Or, you may know that your friend has cheated in the past, which may put you totally on the defense.

You may even be let down after spending romantic time together thinking that you two should have just stayed friends if the chemistry isn’t there.

Oh, and forget about it if it ends badly. Ending on a sour note can break up not only your romantic relationship, but your friendship as well, and may cause problems (like a social divide) within your group of friends.

It’s really up to you whether you want to date a friend or not. It can go tremendously well and you and your partner can feel special knowing your love and relationship was rooted in friendship, or it has the possibility to not go so well with a sad chance of never seeing that person again.

Either way, ask yourself how’d you’d feel about dating your friend, and go with your gut. If your friendship is truly built on trust, the two of you together, as friends should be able to figure it out.

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