College and dating

Some of the best dating in a person’s life can be done during college. Unlike High School, where the dating pool is so small, and the places to go on dates are very limited, college is a whole new ball game.
Colleges have thousands upon thousands of students enrolled, many from different backgrounds and places, and all brand new to you. The High School cliques that once were have usually dissipated once it’s college time, leaving a whole new plethora of people at your picking.

There are a lot of great ways to meet people in college, all starting right on your very own campus. If you like sports, be sure to check out your college’s sporting events, where it’s singles galore. If you like college topics, such as the arts, law, medicine, or science, each college usually has clubs, lectures, get-togethers, or functions where you can meet someone who is into the same things as you, and it can be very fun to date someone you share some things in common with.

Another way many people meet each other is through Fraternities or Sororities. Many times the two get together for parties or fundraisers.

Now that you’re pumped up and excited to meet other college students, here comes the tricky part: To commit or not commit. Some college students REALLY enjoy being in relationships because it’s a cool time to date – no kids, no ex spouses, no mortgages, just good ol fun. But, some feel that they don’t want to settle down, that they want to explore all their choices before making a commitment. It’s really up to you to decide what you want to do. The bottom line is to have fun, not take things too seriously, and enjoy the several years of freedom to come into your own and figure out who you want to date.

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