Dating Don’ts

Dating in college can be a minefield — there always seems to be misunderstandings and hurt feelings. But with a few simple guidelines to follow, you can sidestep those potential disasters. Read on for a quick primer on College Dating Don’ts.
• Hooking up right away – Yes, it’s pretty common. Yes, it can lead to something more, but more often than not, it’s not the best way to begin a relationship. Let’s say you meet someone with potential at a party or a night out on the town. Why not get to know each other a little first? Follow his Instagram or exchange friendly texts. That way, you can tell if it’s a real spark.

• Revealing everything too fast – That first rush of excitement in a relationship is so overwhelming. You want to know everything about him and you want to tell him everything about you, right? It’s a perfectly normal impulse, but hold off a little before you tell him another story about your pet dog Sadie. Save up a little mystery and you’ll have him begging to hear more.

• Blasting your (assumed) status all over social media – Nothing can turn off a potential boyfriend or girlfriend like an inappropriate post. Assuming your relationship status and broadcasting it on Twitter is never a good idea. Keep it to yourself for a little while, or even better, jointly announce it when the time is right.

• Overlooking a friendship – Does it seem like you and your guy have a ton of fun when you’re out with friends, but when alone, the conversation fizzles? Is he the first person you want to tell a funny story? Consider that this funny, great guy is maybe not (your) boyfriend material after all. Don’t pass up the possibility of a friendship with your dude.

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