Dating ideas for college


Meredith Dempsey majored in English Literature at Northwestern University before earning a B.A. in Psychology & Business from Trinity University. She went on to obtain an M.A. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Louisiana State University.

Many college students are on a shoestring budget. So if you want to date, you need to be creative. Going to that Michelin star restaurant is going to be a bit out of your price range so here are some fun and inexpensive ideas to get those relationships started.


If you haven’t yet broken the ice, you might try asking your love interest on a study date. This is not inherently romantic, but gives you a chance to get to know each other, before that first, official date. Plus, it is free!


Go to a movie. If possible, try and find a vintage theatre or drive-in. Going to a non-standard theatre will help make the evening stand out. Many abandoned downtown movie theatres are being renovated and finding a second life. They often offer a restaurant and bar providing service through the film.


Museums are another option and some are even free. Art museums are always an option, but visiting a natural history museum or an aquarium can be fun and memorable as well. Check to see if there is a free entranced day, or perhaps a ‘midnight at the museum’ evening. The evening openings are often a dress-up affair, so this is a great option if your aim is to come across as mature and sophisticated.


How about a picnic? Pick up a mix of antipasti and French bread from your local deli or grocery store. Pack it up in a picnic lunch, pair it with a thermos of ice tea or lemonade and head out into nature. If you aren’t a hiker, you can just head out to the college quad or park. Take a picnic blanket and enjoy the outdoors together.


A local comedy club can be a great laugh and laughter is contagious. Plus, you won’t be put on the stop to entertain. Let the professionals handle that part and you just sit back and enjoy spending time together.


College theatre is another great, low-cost option. If your college doesn’t offer this, you can check out the local civic theatre. They put on quality performances and the tickets are normally not overly expensive. Theatre is also a dress-up event and the atmosphere is always unique. You can enjoy some drama on stage and support your college or local arts community at the same time.


The main point is that dates don’t need to be expensive to make an impression. There are many low-cost options available which can showcase your personality and interests and provide a great backdrop to developing romance.


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