Dating in College

By Allison Saft is a freelance writer, a published poet, and an aspiring young professional. She currently attends Tulane University in New Orleans and is majoring in English. When not working, in the glass studio, or with friends, she works on her novel. Allison’s work is featured on a number of websites, including Cult Hub and Miracle Crystal.


So you’re living the dream of all your single friends: you’ve secured a long-term relationship in college. Many will treat you as a rarity. Some will be jealous. Some may even feel sorry for you for tying yourself down in what is supposed to be The Best Time of Your Life.

As one of the rare coupled college-aged women, I’ll start with this piece of advice: don’t let anyone else’s opinion dictate how you feel about your own relationship. However, there are three main things (which are by no means all-inclusive!) to keep in mind in order to maintain healthy relationships.

  1. Don’t forget about your schoolwork.

One of your top priorities in college is, of course, to learn. While relationships are new and fun and exciting, always remember to keep your grades up. While love can be transient, your GPA is forever.

  1. More importantly, don’t forget about your friends.

Hey, remember those people you used to hang out with before you met your significant other? Yeah, they still exist. Be sure to go out with your friends on weekends at least sometimes and to always spend a good amount of your time with them. They care about you deeply, and should something go wrong in your relationship, you’ll need somebody to fall back on. PS: a warning sign of a bad partner is isolating you from your support network.

  1. Absolutely most importantly, don’t forget about yourself.

If you had interests, passions, and goals before your relationship, make sure you dedicate time to cultivating them during the relationship as well. Many who are newly in love make the mistake letting their relationship define them. Maintain your own identity, challenge yourself, learn new things, and live an independent life. Take care of yourself first, and your relationship will thrive because of it.


Overall, just maintain what makes you, you—that’s what your significant other fell for, anyway! Happy dating, everyone.

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